Glenaholm Modoc

(Glenaholm Willis Fraser X Glenaholm Whata Charmer) was the 1st ridgeback I adopted from Norah of Glenaholm. I had been looking for a long time for a Ridgeback that had that old original look of the Rhodesian from years gone. 

Modoc filled all my expectations. An intelligent, friendly and very active dog who has the enthusiasm to experience new places and activities. Always eager to explore yet continually checking back with me before delving in to his new adventure.


Glenaholm Jikatu  (call name Katu)

(Glenaholm Drumbuck x Glenaholm Jeta)

I waited till Modoc was grown and trained before I introduced Glenaholm Jikatu. She is a very special girl with a wonderful international pedigree with a emotional connection to Laurie Venter of Glenaholm South Africa. Katu’s father was from the last litter that she bred before she died and Norah brought him over from South Africa. 

Katu is the epitome of a ridgeback and a great ambassador to her linage. She can run for hours: loves to ‘pronk’ like a Springbok , jumping with all 4 feet off the ground to see what is over the next bush,  she lies asleep in the sun and yet is fully aware of who is on the ranch and gets up and alarm barks when a stranger is near.